Top Ten Workplace Safety Tips

Given that a majority of our fiberglass grating products are used in industrial environments we feel an affinity to being proponents of proactive workplace safety.  In the latest report by the U.S. Department of Labor, there were 2.9 million workplace injuries. These numbers can be greatly reduced with a more vigilant effort in increasing awareness and safe workplace protocols. If every workplace puts some importance in implementing these ten best practices, we would see some success.

Know Your Environment

This is basically assessing the environment in which you work, knowing the hazards and potential risks. Not only does it mean learning the hazards but also thinking of ways to reduce the risks. For example in an area with a slick flooring area, institute the use of fiberglass grating products to create a textured flooring surface to prevent slips. Also always make sure to follow safety protocols on machinery as well.

Watch Your Back

Whether you work at a desk or out in the plant standing all day good posture is key to reducing back injuries. If lifting items lift with your legs not your back and avoid stooping down. Back braces are a must in warehouse environments or other heavy lifting jobs.

Take A Break – It’s The Law

When you are overworked or tired, you tend to not be as alert and this is when so many injuries occur. Make sure you are taking your scheduled breaks regularly, it’s the law for a reason so follow it, it just may save your life.

Reduce Fall Hazards

In a plant especially, it is so easy to have a machine leak oil or something slick that can cause a fall hazard. This is remedied with fiberglass grating products laid over the plant floor around such areas. These grating products offer additional traction and are easily washed. These can also be used on scaffolding and other elevated areas where falling is a risk.

Keep Emergency Routes Clear

If there is ever an emergency, there needs to be designated emergency exits and in some cases marked emergency routes in large plants or factories. Emergency exits should not be blocked in any way and should be checked regularly for proper operation. Always keep access clear to emergency shutoffs for equipment as well.

If You See Something Say Something

You’ve probably heard this advice from Homeland Security but it’s applicable in the workplace as well. If you see something like a slick flooring surface you should let your supervisor know. It may be that they have accidentally overlooked it when ordering grating products for the plant floor. Management should always be notified about safety hazards as they are legally obligated to take action on it.

Use Machinery Whenever Possible

Instead of trying to lift a 100lb pallet by yourself, make use of the machinery at your disposal such as a pallet jack or forklift. Machinery isn’t cheap and it’s there to assist you in doing your job safely and more efficiently. Machines were created to reduce the strain on our bodies and when used properly greatly benefit safety measures at the workplace.

Invest In Safety Products

Many workplace accidents can be avoided by investing in the right safety products such as goggles, protective headgear, and grating products for floor surfaces. Many workplaces overlook the many hazards in their facilities. It is wise to hire a risk assessment auditor to examine your facilities to pick up on hazards you may not have realized were a danger.

Manage Stress In The Workplace

Stress on the job can lead to mental conditions or escalated situations among coworkers. If feasible having a break area that is conducive to relaxation or just a break from the monotony of the work day may be a viable solution.

Wear Your Required Protective Gear

Sure, it can be annoying to have to wear a reflective vest, helmet, safety glasses and steel-toed boots in a plant. But it’s better than losing an eye, a limb or being seriously hurt on the job.

Rely On DEFI

Our Fiberglass grating products are used across the country in some of the harshest and most dangerous work environments. From massive oil rigs to large manufacturing plants;  companies rely on our products to protect them. Stay safe in the workplace and if you’re in need of our products just call one of our consultants for a one on one consultation.

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