DEFI can outfit your workplace with our industry-leading entire catwalk and platform systems. These kits include FRP grated catwalk platforms, stairs, handrails, fasteners, and more for a complete solution customized per your specifications. Our fiberglass structural shapes give you the strength of steel with the added benefit of extreme durability that fiberglass-reinforced polymer brings for a long service life.

Easy Assembly

DEFI fiberglass components can be pre-drilled and cut, ready to assemble (RTA) with standard tools; shipped in kits for you to assemble easily on site. Unlike steel, DEFI FRP systems don’t require foundation fortification, heavy machinery or special tools to install.

Corrosion Resistance

Steel, in arid environments or high humidity conditions, can end up wearing down and succumb to corrosion. DEFI fiberglass grating catwalks and platforms while also being lightweight, are resistant to corrosion and install much easier than steel. This makes FRP grating the ideal alternative to bulky, corrosion-prone steel.