Built With Strength

Manufactured by the pultrusion process, FRP structural shapes are lightweight (1/3 of steel) and pound for pound as strong as their steel counterparts.


When traditional building materials such as wood, steel and aluminum fail to solve your design problems, let DEFI’s knowledgeable employees assist you. We will offer you the only practical alternative, high performance composite profiles. DEFI offers the industries most comprehensive stocked product line inventories on the East Coast as well as the Gulf Coast. Whether you are replacing, retrofitting or starting a new build project of walkways, platforms, handrails, enclosures, decks or docks, material can reach your site within three days after shipment.

DEFI specializes in the design, manufacture and installation of unique structural shapes for many different industries, including architectural features, oil and gas, subsea, chemical, wastewater, commercial, recreational and water parks.

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