VGBA Certified Grating

Certified Grating

When you need VGBA-compliant drainage systems and structures for pools, splash parks, and other similar facilities. DEFI 10-40, 15-40 and 10-18 is perfectly manufactured to facilitate these needs and more. Highly resistant to the corrosive chemicals in pump shacks, slide platforms, drainage decks, and other similar structures—our product will hold up to the conditions for decades and keep your patrons and employees safe.

Independent lab testing has tested DEFI pultruded grating products according to ASME A112.19.8.a, Section 3.2 for ultraviolet light exposure resistance. The results concluded that DEFI pultruded grating products earned a K factor rating 1.1 when calculated using the specification which applies to covering pool drains. 

Our VGBA-compliant products are available in stock sized or custom fabricated to your exact specifications.