DEFI is also a leading provider of FRP industrial ladders and cage systems. Our ladder and cage products equal, and in fact usually exceed OSHA requirements. They are ideal for use in many harsh environments where exposure to corrosives would ruin metal-based systems. Lightweight and very easy to install, our fiberglass ladders easily outlast aluminum and steel while requiring very little maintenance. 

Kit Availability

Our FRP ladder components are custom made per your specifications and can be shipped ready to assemble (RTA) or already assembled to your project site with easy installation instructions. 

Safety In The Design

As we aim to meet and even exceed OSHA requirements— our safety features include textured, non-slip rungs, flame-retardant resin, and UV inhibitors to resist blooming. Side rails and cages are, of course, colored safety yellow to comply with OSHA standards. Custom colors for other components are also available upon request.

Fully Customized To Your Needs

Every job site will have different needs and features to ensure worker safety. Our ladders are available caged or without cages and can be fitted with dismounts on the side, standoffs, walkthroughs and more based on your needs.