Fiberglass Pultruded Grating

How It's Made

This grating is manufactured by pulling fiberglass strands through a resin bath and into a heated die where it is formed and cured. The completed parts are then assembled into finished grating using both a mechanical and a chemical lock. Grit top anti-skid surface is standard.

Pultruded Grating Features

D.E.F.I.’s pultruded grating provides the capability to support heavier loads and longer spans when compared to molded grating of similar depth and weight. D.E.F.I. has an extensive offering of pultruded gratings to meet most every need from ADA compliant walkways to heavy duty vehicular traffic conditions. D.E.F.I.’s pultruded gratings are designed to withstand corrosive conditions that also require high strength.

Standard Resin Systems

D.E.F.I.’s fiberglass molded grating is available in three standard resin systems each providing differing levels of corrosion protection. All three resin systems meet Class 1 Flame Spread Rating per ASTM E-84 test standards.

IFR: a premium grade Isophthalic Polyester Resin System that provides excellent corrosion protection.
Standard Colors: Yellow & Dark Gray

VFR: a Vinyl Ester Resin System provides the highest level of corrosion protection. 
Standard Colors: Yellow & Dark Gray

Download our molded/pultruded fiberglass grating brochure.

Panel Dimensions

Note: load bearing bars run the length of the panel. Custom panel sizes and other configurations are available.


Fiber reinforced polymer pultruded grating is designed and manufactured using both l-Bar and T-Bar profiles to provide lasting performance to withstand corrosion. Profiles are non conductive, electromagnetically and transparent, and environmentally safe.

  • Safer Surface: Traction and safety on walking surfaces are enhanced by coarse epoxy coating walking surfaces.
  • Better Support & Stability: Heavier loads are supported and stabilized because the cross rod system provides a mechanical lock at each bearing bar.
  • Unidirectional Strength: Cross rods and bearing bars lock mechanically for maximum strength.
  • Easy Fabrication: Standard hand tools are used to cut and fabricate. Panels are lightweight, reducing installation costs.
  • Low Maintenance: Angled design allows for easy cleaning, as dirt, cleaning fluids and rainwater simply wash away.
  • Extended Life: Protective coated resin surface increases resistance to chemical corrosion and continuous ultraviolet exposure.
  • Stress Resistance: Continuous glass rovings resist tension, compression and bending while providing longitudinal strength. Continuous glass mat increase transverse strength and resistance to impact.