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fiberglass molded grating products


One-piece construction, composed of 65% resin at 35% continuous fiberglass strands. Optimum for corrosion resistance and long service life. We stock a variety of grid configurations, resin systems and panel sizes. Ideal for stair treads, covered grating, tread covers, solid plate, and 316 SS clips and hardware.Read More »
pultruded fiberglass grating products


This grating is manufactured by pulling fiberglass strands through a resin bath and into a heated die where it is formed and cured. The completed parts are then assembled into finished grating using both a mechanical and a chemical lock. Grit top anti-skid surface is standard. Ideal for stair treads, 316 SS clips and hardware, covered grating, tread covers and solid plate.Read More »
fiberglass structural shape products


Manufactured by the pultrusion process, FRP structural shapes are lightweight (1/3 of steel) and pound for pound as strong as their steel counterparts.Read More »

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When traditional building materials such as wood, steel and aluminum fail to solve your design problems, discover the endless possibilities of STRUCTURAL FIBERGLASS. D.E.F.I. offers the best in FRP Grating Systems. With our large inventories, we are able to provide quick shipments.

Our products are suited for most all industries: Subsea applications, municipal applications, industrial applications, water park applications, as well as decorative applications where strength in the product is a must. View our projects for more information on what we can do.

We will offer you practical alternatives and high performance composite profiles. We know that traditional materials rot and corrode over time, however, our materials are non-conducive, corrosion resistant, light weight and very versatile. Call us today for product availability.

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive, stocked product line inventories on the East and Gulf Coast. Material can reach you within 3 days after shipment.