Why You Should Trust DEFI Fiberglass Products

Why You Should Trust DEFI Fiberglass Products

When it comes to finding a quality source for structural fiberglass and fabrication for all your industrial needs, you need to look no further than DEFI. While we are known for our pultruded fiberglass grating we offer so much more to the industrial sector. With over 40 years of industrial knowledge and experience, we are changing the way companies approach safety, infrastructure and structural design in the workplace. Our wide range of product offerings includes items such as handrails, loading ramps, platforms, catwalks, and even complete structures. But there are even more reasons to trust DEFI products:


DEFI fiberglass products are as durable if not more durable as their heavier, more expensive metal counterparts. Our pultruded fiberglass grating, for example, can withstand the same amount of weight as steel can all the while being non-corrosive and much lighter. Even our other structural fiberglass products have three distinct advantages

Non-Corrosive – Steel and aluminum can be corroded with chemicals, acids, rust and salt water; structural fiberglass, however, does not rust and is not affected by acids or salt water.

High Tensile Strength – When compared to steel, our pultruded fiberglass grating, as well as our platforms and other products, is pound for pound just as strong as steel.  But against sheet metal fiberglass is even stronger.

Flame-Retardant – All of our fiberglass products have the unique characteristics of being flame retardant. Meaning the products will not feed a fire.  Once the flame source is removed DEFI’s products will self extinguish.


DEFI fiberglass products are incredibly efficient by being lightweight and easily fabricated.  This lowers freight cost, allowing large shipments to our clients from one of our two plants in either Houston, Tx or Lafayette, La.  Plus, hand tools can be used to fabricate the FRP materials thus reducing installation time.


When using our fiberglass products in the workplace, safety is of the utmost concern and our products deliver on safety in several ways:

Improved Grip – Traditional surfaces can easily become slippery in wet/humid conditions or where machinery is involved due to oils and other fluids. Floors made from our fiberglass grating, however, have improved grip that reduces fall hazards.

Highly Visible – Our products are typically produced in bright colors to increase visibility in high caution areas or poorly lit environments.  For instance, our FRP stair treads will have a contrasting color on the nosing for recognition when an individual is going up and down stairs.

Non-Conductive- Since there is no metal in our products, there is no electrical conductivity which lowers risk of shock but also means it won’t interfere with radio systems and communications frequencies.

Knowledge + Personal Service

Our combined industrial knowledge is put to use with our very personal one on one model of customer service that is second to none. When you deal with your very own consultant you are getting customized service that is specific to your company’s needs. Contact us today to see how DEFI can help your company save money and increase safety.