Why Are Fiberglass Grating Systems Important?

Why Are Fiberglass Grating Systems Important?

Why Are Fiberglass Grating Systems Important?

In the industrial sector, risk management is one of the biggest areas of concern in the workplace. Workplace accidents for Houston companies are on the rise and it is a challenge for many companies every day. The innovations in workplace safety precautions have come a long way and advanced design and technology are decreasing the risk of workplace injuries. Typically one of the most common and easily preventable accidents are slip and falls. These types of accidents are being greatly reduced thanks to the use of fiberglass grating which Houston companies have come to embrace.  Pultruded Fiberglass Grating, as it is commonly known to fiberglass grating Houston manufacturers such as DEFI, is really making an impact on workplace safety.  You may not be familiar with this technology as of yet, but after this brief walkthrough you will be.

What Is Fiberglass Grating?

Pultruded Fiberglass Grating, is a method of creating Fiber Reinforced Plastic Grating also referred to as FRP. This material is produced by blending molds of resin together with fiberglass. It is used to cover floors, decks, ramps, and many other constructional structures. It increased grip thus reducing slip and fall accidents. It is highly sought after in the industrial workplace due to its equality to steel in strength but does not conduct electricity and is much lighter.

How Does It Improve Safety?

Fiberglass grating Houston manufacturer, DEFI, sells these grating systems as a risk management tool. There are many reasons for this designation but some of the main reasons are:

Improved Grip – Traditional flooring surfaces become slippery when wet or even just moist. As an example, when steel flooring is used in oil refineries or mechanic shops, the risk of falls increases three fold. The floors get extremely slick when in contact with even trace amounts of oil, increasing the chance of a serious fall.  Floors made of pultruded fiberglass grating, on the other hand, retain their grip even when subjected to oil or slick substances. Furthermore, the grip can be customized depending on the environment it will be used; the coarser the texture the stronger the grip.

Highly Visible – Fiberglass grating Houston experts at DEFI produce mainly fluorescent or brightly colored FRP. The reason for this is it increases visibility, especially in poorly lit working environments. It also helps workers with bad eyesight notice the flooring. It can be used in high caution areas to signify dangerous conditions, or even used as a safe walk path through a plant.    Electrical Non-Conductivity– This feature also helps to secure workplace safety and thus creates safe work environment.

Cost Effective – Pultruded FRP while being extremely durable is actually quite cost effective. Since it does not corrode easily and can withstand prolonged exposure to the elements, it has a longer life giving a better return on investment. Even the installation is competitive and affordable, so there really is not disadvantage to FRP flooring

If you need to increase your workplace safety and want a cost effective solution to risk management, contact fiberglass grating Houston experts at DEFI. We are the leader in structural fiberglass and can create according to your needs.