Why Are FRP Ladders Better Than Wood And Aluminum?

Why Are FRP Ladders Better Than Wood and Aluminum Ladders

A: FRP as compared to wood, won’t rust or corrode like the fasteners that hold that wood together. FRP would not do that, because we use 3/16” stainless steel hardware to connect the components. In regards to comparing to aluminum—FRP is non-conductive. So, it’s an excellent choice to keep your workers safe by using FRP […]

What Is The Safest Ladder To Use Around Electricity?

FRP Ladders

A: Absolutely, fiberglass is the best construction material for a ladder because it’s inherently non-conductive. When it comes to safety in the workplace, there are many risk factors at play no matter the environment. Whether it be a chemical plant, water treatment plant, refinery, or any other industrial facility you have many of the same […]