Grating Products Are Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

Grating Products Are Crucial To Your Business. Learn Why!

If you are reading this blog, chances are you are in the business of manufacturing or some type of industrial component of the process. If that is true, then you know that risk management, safety protocols, and facilities maintenance are some of your biggest operating expenses. Much of these expenses comes in the form of safety materials products and hazard prevention products. Businesses that are operating with an excellent safety record and low operating costs know that Fiberglass grating products are crucial to saving money and increasing safety. The real question is WHY?


The biggest contribution to your bottom line that FRP products will make is how inexpensive they are to procure, maintain, and their durability. Consider that carbon clad steel costs an average of $330.00/Sq. FT, while the most expensive form of FRP costs just a meager $70.00/Sq Ft. When you factor in the fact that FRP is resistant to most corrosives, is nearly six times lighter than steel, and yet has a higher strength to weight ratio than steel; you can’t deny that fiberglass grating really is a crucial component of your operation. The durability of FRP is also second to none, while most aluminum or even some steel will warp or dent, our products are tough and long lasting so there is added value there.


Fiberglass grating products are made of a much more versatile material than steel. There isn’t an application that cannot be custom fit using FRP grating that is specifically designed to be most efficient in your custom usage scenario. The fact that FRP is so much lighter also saves in the initial procurement as freight charges to ship FRP are a fraction of steel shipping costs. Fiberglass grating is also virtually maintenance free, with the right gel coat and resin makeup, your FRP products will not crack, corrode, rust or deteriorate like metal will. You basically invest in the product one time and get a huge return on your investment not to mention run a more efficient facility.


One of the often overlooked advantages of Fiberglass Grating and FRP materials in general, is their acoustic properties. When you consider that noise pollution is a very real safety hazard the ability of a material to absorb noise, not reflect it becomes very important. In applications where there are loud machines and various forklifts and other vehicles traversing a facility, this becomes even more crucial. Using fiberglass grating as flooring helps deaden sound and reduce noise pollution making it easier to hear warnings of impending danger and approaching vehicles such as forklifts.


Contact DEFI today to speak with one of our consultants and see how much you can save all while increasing safety and efficiency in your facilities day to day operations. Steel may have built this country but fiberglass reinforced plastic is refining it so make the switch to