Can FRP Be Used For Boating Docks?

A: That’s an excellent application for fiberglass. The reason being is that the corrosion-resistant nature of fiberglass, also being a UV stable product—you don’t have to worry about UV degradation. In addition, because of the open area of fiberglass grating, it allows the pressure from waves to be relieved through there. So, you don’t have any long-term maintenance issues.



Traditional boating docks made from wood or even metal, are notorious for needing constant maintenance. This is due to the beating they take on several fronts—physical impact, climate, and corrosion.

Over time, constant maintenance, repair and/or replacement of these traditional docks can cost thousands of dollars at the very least. What if there were a way to build a better dock or decking? Something that is resistant to the constant battering from the waves, the extreme temperature swings, and corrosion from rust. DEFI has the solution for all your dock and decking needs.


Fiberglass dock and deck grating from DEFI is the superior alternative to wood and metal dock or deck material. If you have a failing dock or deck that needs repair, consider replacing it with fiberglass grating from DEFI.

No matter the application, DEFI Fiberglass grating can be custom manufactured with surfaces made to suit your needs. We can create surfaces that can be used with bare feet for a deck or a boat dock. We can also create industrial decking and walkways with plentiful open areas for drainage.

For docks, we offer a textured, non-slip surface that ensures safety and good footing in rough weather.  No matter the requirements, DEFI has a fiberglass grating surface that works for you.

Easy Installs, Easy Customization

Fiberglass grating for dock and deck surfaces from DEFI is simple to install and look fantastic. If you need to trim a piece down—easy! You can actually cut them to size with basic tools such as a circular saw equipped with a diamond blade.

Fiberglass grating panels also don’t need heavy equipment to move them as steel grating does. Trying to install heavy dock timbers piece by piece takes forever and makes a huge mess. On the contrary, our FRP dock and deck grating can be installed in a fraction of the time. Each section also can cover a much larger area which speeds things up as well.

Durable And More Reliable

Fiberglass grating panels used for docks or decks are far more superior in performance when compared to wood. Wood degrades rapidly when in a wet environment and when exposed to a freeze-thaw cycle—it cracks. Additionally, during freezing weather wood also is degraded by chemicals in de-icing sprays and industrial cleaners. FRP, on the other hand, tackles foot traffic with easy, rolling gear carts, extremely cold temperatures and more.


There’s a lot more than 9 reasons to choose fiberglass grating but these 9 main reasons are the most convincing.

Chemical And Corrosive Resistant

Cleaning chemicals, gasoline, acids, and other chemicals and corrosives wreak havoc on traditional materials such as wood and metal. Corrosion costs companies hundreds of thousands each year in repairs. However, fiberglass grating is impervious to all corrosives and will last for decades without faltering in performance.

Fiberglass Grating Is Rust Proof…

Metal surfaces on docks will eventually give way to oxidization and rust over time. Eventually, that rust will spread and compromise the surface and structures. This makes them unusable and requires replacement or at the very least, costly repairs. FRP simply does not rust, there’s not a better material for docks and decking.

Grease Proof…

With wood dock surfaces, grease spills or leaks eventually permeate the wood which damages the appearance and surface safety. Grease and oil, however, cannot penetrate fiberglass grating from DEFI. Your surfaces will maintain their non-slip performance and the grease or oil can be cleaned right up.

Water Proof…

Water exposure causes wood to warp, swell and most of all—rot! With metal, it can cause rust to develop and also deteriorate. FRP doesn’t have that problem and can withstand constant exposure to water without any ramifications.

UV Proof…

You don’t have to worry about checked, warped or faded planks on your dock or deck with our fiberglass grating. Wood and Metal may suffer in constant exposure to sunlight but our FRP remains unphased time after time.

Cold Proof

Where wood and metal struggle in extremely cold temperatures—FRP grating remains unaffected. This makes it perfect for northern climate zones.

Fiberglass Grating Is Built For Strength

FRP Grating from DEFI has tremendous load-bearing capacity. In fact, pound for pound it is equal to steel—yet much lighter and it will not dent like steel.


FRP is not made of metal, therefore, it doesn’t conduct electricity. In environments such as docks and around decks there is risk of shock. Lights that run alongside docks or decks have wires that could become damaged. If they were connected to metal structures and somehow failed, metal surfaces could become charged. With FRP you eliminate that safety hazard altogether.

Easy To Clean

Fiberglass grating by natures resists staining and cleans easily no matter the type of mess. Oil, mud, algae—anything. It just washes right off and will look brand new again.


As a marina or boat storage facility, appearances and safety are of key importance. If the area doesn’t look good and docks look dilapidated, it’s not perceived well. Boat owners may assume that their boats will not be taken care of either.

Wood and metal both show their age in just a short time of use in the elements. When you opt for DEFI FRP grating instead, you maintain a professional and clean appearance. Additionally, keeping it looking new and clean requires little to no maintenance at all. Given the very long lifespan of FRP grating, it will maintain a fresh look for decades.

You can also forget about painting every year as you do with wood. FRP color options are embedded into the resin itself so the color does not fade away. It’s the perfect alternative to dealing with warped wood, rusted metal, and constant repairs.

Additional Benefits Of Our Fiberglass Grating

You already know the major benefits of fiberglass for docks and walkways. Most of the benefits such as corrosion resistance and lighter weight are obvious. However, there are also some benefits that might get overlooked but are just as much of a benefit.

Theft Resistance

Unfortunately, there are criminals in this world and they don’t respect others property and steal metal from businesses. Whether it’s copper from HVAC units, or metal dock panels and rails from local marinas—it’s costly.

Thieves steal metal from these businesses so they can scrap it at local recycling centers and get cash. Metal grating in easily accessible areas at your marina is susceptible to such theft. However, with fiberglass grating it is in a sense—theft-resistant. It’s not because a thief can’t come unassembled FRP grating panels easily as metal—they can.

The resistance is due to the fact thieves just don’t have any use for FRP—it’s not scrapable and is worthless for their purpose. So, when you have docks and walkways made solely out of our fiberglass, it poses no incentive for thieves to strike.

Low Ownership Cost

Wood and metal need to be replaced often—and sometimes even more frequent if a victim of theft or due to accidental damage. However, FRP with very long service life and easy installation makes it the clear value.

You can assemble the panels yourself with everyday tools—no welders or steel fabricators necessary. When you factor in how much money in contractor fees you are saving from repairs—FRP is the only material you should use.


Whether you are needing grating for a small marina or a large multi-slip location—DEFI has the solutions you need. Contact one of our design consultants today to get the low-cost durable alternative.


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