5 Ways Structural Fiberglass Can Improve Your Business

5 Ways Structural Fiberglass Can Improve Your Business

When it comes to structural building materials, traditional materials such as steel have their place for obvious reasons. Steel is rigid, durable and considered heavy duty. Many people, however, do not realize that Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic or FRP is just as strong as steel in many applications. In some cases, structural fiberglass actually has many advantages over traditional materials. Fiberglass fabrication companies are producing at an all time high and there is a reason. The technology used to create today’s FRP, is creating  an alternative to steel that has many great benefits. In environments that are harsh, or electromagnetic fields might be interfered with by steel,  fiberglass reinforced plastics are crucial. Even outside of those harsh environments structural fiberglass can still benefit your business.

Tough & Long-Lasting: DEFI structural fiberglass is as strong as steel but due to the nature fiberglass fabrication, is only a fraction of the weight. Against sheet metal fiberglass is stronger all around. Not only is structural fiberglass strong as steel but also is highly resistant to corrosion, it just doesn’t rust. It is perfect for outdoor applications such as the ship channels where salt content in the air is high. During fiberglass fabrication, fire-retardant resins can even be added to make products last through a fire. They may char or discolor, but they will not be consumed. When decades have passed and other materials wear out, FRP will still have plenty of shelf life.

 Freedom To Design As You Wish: When it comes to design, being free to integrate your materials into the design however you want is key. There are hardly any restrictions when it comes to structural fiberglass. Since your possibilities are unlimited when choosing fiberglass  you don’t have to  sacrifice strength for design freedom.

 Aesthetics: Because of the fiberglass fabrication process, any color and finish are possible, so it is a great option where aesthetics are important as you can get any finish and look you want.

Cost Efficient: Steel is dependent on China’s steel prices. This means that with their prices fluctuating right now you are at the mercy of another country to set prices. With our product, you not only get stable prices, lower maintenance costs, and lower shipping costs, which will impact your bottom line

Unique Characteristics: In some applications, building materials can interfere such as in radio stations or building with a lot of high-end electronics. Fiberglass fabrication contains no conductive materials and does not interfere with radio waves either so it’s a perfect fit for electronic hazard areas. Other special characteristics include acoustical noise absorption, so if you have a creative open office space for example and want to cut down cross noise between cubicles, our fiberglass would be perfect for softening the acoustics of a room.

Whatever your use for fiberglass may be, we offer the best product on the market and take pride in our attention to details. DEFI has served the Greater Houston area with integrity and reliability.  Contact us today for a free quote!